Years 5 and 6 home learning

We will be putting some short videos here to help with revision at home.  You can stop them at any point and go back to check or to copy things down that you think might help.

You can then have a go on your own at some of the examples below and then check whether you have done them correctly.  If you have, great!  If you haven't, you might go back over the videos to see where you went wrong.

Parents / Carers - If you need any help with these, just email me on  and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Teachers - If you would like me to make something specific, email me on or on my aet email.

Fractions and decimal equivalents





Percentages - equivalents to decimals and fractions and finding percentages












These next ones are a bit more for children in Year 6 than Year 5