Our brand new training facilities are open!

The Training Room at Aspirer Research School is OPEN!

Today we have hosted our first CPDL event using the wonderful new training suite at Ash Grove Academy. The course – Maths with No Texts Books – delivered by Lisa Finnegan (Principal at Ash grove Academy), and Emma Lowe (Year 2 Class Teacher and Maths SLE and Maths Hub 2) involves two live teaching observations, behind the one way observation screen. Both Lisa and Emma are steeped in the robust evidence base concerning the effective teaching of maths and passionate about sharing their knowledge. The observation screen gives teachers the opportunity to consider how the evidence can be translated into practice helping them to understand what it might look like, sound like and feel like.

Much of our training includes live teaching observations – it is such a powerful experience. You can find out more about the training opportunities we have got planned through our monthly newsletter and on our CPD page