Research2Teaching Seminars

(The Research2Teaching Seminars aim to provide an opportunity for educational researchers to share their work and explore the practicalities of translating their findings into effective strategies for the classroom.  All of our seminars are free to attend and are open to all.

Dominic Wyse, Professor of Early Childhood and Primary Education, and Head of the Department of Learning and Leadership, at the Institute of Education, University College London, UK  joined us to discuss this new book How Writing Works – From the Invention of the Alphabet to the Rise of Social Media. The book critically reviews the most influential guides to styles and standards of language, and presents new research of young people’s creativity and writing. He presents research-informed innovative practices to demonstrate powerfully how writing can be learned and taught.


In January, Professor Teresa Cremin joined us to talk about recruiting for her new trial – The Craft of Writing. Teresa is working with Professor Debra Myhill and Arvon, a charity which supports writers to develop their skills.

She suggested going to the research rich pedagogies website (here) for more information and examples.

We caught up with Teresa before she spoke to the seminar and she answered questions submitted by Aspirer's Twitter friends!

Listen below.

The seminars are free to attend, open to all colleagues, and refreshments are provided. Seminars run from 4pm - 5pm with the opportunity for questions afterwards. Please book your place by emailing Alison at 

Some of our previous seminars include:

In December, Pete Henderson from the Education Endowment Foundation came to talk to us about the new EEF Maths Guidance Report for Key Stages 2 and 3. 

In November, Dr. Angela Webb, Chair of the National Handwriting Association  Joined us again to discuss the latest research findings about Handwriting. 

In June we had a visit from Sinéad Gaffney from Greystones Primary School, Sheffield who shared her research about her in-depth studies of teachers and their professional learning; you can listen to the podcast below.

NFlynnDr Naomi Flynn from Reading University came in May to share her latest research about teaching English as an Additional Language.


KCProfessor Kate Cain (Uni of Lancaster) visited  to share her research around reading comprehension.


WMBe were lucky enough to have a visit from Dr Mark Boylan from Sheffield Hallam University who shared his fascinating findings from the DFE study he was involved in looking at Shanghai Maths Mastery. 

Professor Carsten Elbro (University of Copenhagen) led a seminar entitled 'Dyslexia: what it is and what it isn’t and what we can do' - information from this seminar can be found on the link at the bottom of this page as well as by clicking HERE and HERE.

More details about each seminar can be found by clicking on the links below.

Please email Alison to book your place.

The majority of our seminars will be held at Ash Grove Academy in Macclesfield. If you are interested in coming along or would like further information, please contact Alison.