Specialist Leaders in Education

On this page you can meet our Specialist Leaders in Education:

Eleanor Warrington:

I love learning and am seldom seen to be stationary!  My expertise lies within the realms of Reading & Special Educational Needs. 

The child as a communicator lies at the very centre of my educational philosophy.  To this end, the research undertaken for my Masters in Advanced Educational Practice (IOE/UCL) focused on the development of child-initiated language and communication by guiding their talk and the use of Literature Circles.  I love listening to children talk and nudging them to talk ‘deeper’ and ‘wider.’  I can offer practical solutions and activities to get children talking purposefully and effectively.

I was a member of the inaugural ‘Get Reading’ quartet – 4 Reading Teachers who saw the scope in training volunteers to become quality reading support partners.  Appropriate structure and ideas are shared to empower volunteers to support young learners with reading.  To date, there has been a diverse group of delegates from teenagers and secondary undergraduate student teachers to English department teachers.  Sessions are collaborative, fun and full of laughter! 

As a past SENCo and SpLD teacher I can offer practical workshops and support to improve the classroom experiences of the Dyslexic learner, the child with ASC or the child who presents with Attachment difficulties. 

Away from the classroom I love spending time with my family, being musical, reading, and of course – chatting!