Year 3 lesson plan





Year   3

Class size


Main focus of lesson (topic / content)

Develop mathematical thinking through problem solving

Solve problems using + and - facts

Comments on particular features :

5 big ideas (Coherence, Representation + Structure, Variation, Fluency and Mathematical Thinking)

Read out the problem together.

There are three baskets, a brown one, a red one and a pink one, holding a total of ten eggs.  Ask talk partners to say this in their own words

How could you begin? (strategy checklist)

* draw it/make jottings

* say it in our own words

* model it with counters

Begin with a drawing of 3 baskets and ask children to sketch out some ideas.

Ask the children to share what they have done.

Show me one way, show me all the ways…

Add another constraint to the problem to make it more challenging:

The brown basket has one more egg  in it than the red basket.

The red basket has three fewer eggs than the pink basket.

How many eggs are in each basket?

Work in pairs - if you find one way to show the answer find another way. Then find all the ways.

Give them 15 minutes and ask them to spend a couple of minutes thinking about how they could present their thinking to the class.

Choose a couple of different ways to tackle this problem.

Ask students to write their own problem choosing to change the context, the numbers and/or the constraints.

Ask the students to write out the solution and how other pupils could work out the problem.

Ask pairs of pupils to talk through their problem with another pair in the class.

Make a book of maths problems to read during independent reading sessions

Ask the pupils to look at the strategy check list on the board. Which strategy did you not use and why?

Encourage the pupils to have a go at using a different strategy in a subsequent lesson.